New Orleans Lady

Hey ya'll,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I know this beautiful bride did!  I'd LOVE  to (FINALLY) introduce to my best friend of over 16 years, Carrie.  When Carrie asked if I would take her bridal portraits earlier this year I might have cried (a few times), and then happily obliged! :) We began her bridal shoot on the rooftop of The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans and then we headed over to the center of City Park.  Not only was she absolutely dazzling (YES, dazzling) from head to toe, she had such a sweet glow about her the entire day and if I had to guess it was probably a direct reflection of the love she shares with her now husband.

Carrie and Austin tied the knot this weekend at a draw dropping ceremony at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in New Orleans, and then celebrated the night away at the most incredible reception at The Roosevelt Hotel.  The weekend was filled with lots of happy tears (again on my end of course), hysterical laughs, and SO much love and support from family and friends- it was perfect. 

Carrie, you are like a sister to me, and I couldn't imagine a more perfect match for you than Austin.  Thanks for such a fun memory!  Love you both, and congrats!  Enjoy!